Lone Gum Farmhouse has many influences from across the globe that it draws upon to create interesting flavours, beer profiles and more. We have been influenced by many breweries, farms, wineries, restaurants and regions across the world that we have visited. From the modern farmhouse ranch at Jester King in Austin, USA, to the collaborative facility at Spice Route Farm outside of Cape Town, South Africa and the 19th century steam powered industrial brewhouse at Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium, we have a vision to help further the diversity of brewing, tourism, agriculture and arts in South Australia.

Given beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Australia, and the world, our focus for Lone Gum Farmhouse is that. Within beer, we have a keen focus on alternative fermentation, which creates unique and interesting flavours to help expand the palettes of the growing number of every day consumers, as well as providing a local and more accessible option for the discerning aficionado.

Utilising the distinctive flavours of local ingredients, LGF strive to deliver a unique experience for every visit, come and try yourself!