Got a question about our beers, wines, or something else? Check out our FAQs below or contact us.


    • What is a sour, wild or spontaneous beer?
      • Sour beer is just that; sour. We use a range of processes and bacteria to create acids to complement the flavours of each beer that we feel needs that added layer of acid. Keep up to date with our blog, socials and releases to learn more about each process.
      • Wild beer is a bit of a catch all for anything that might not just be spontaneous or sour. Expect more funky flavours than acidic. We may also refer to some beers where we don't add yeast and bacteria, but instead rely on something else to inoculate the beer as wild. For example much of our range of beers aged on grape pomace we refer to as wildly fermented.
      • And sometimes we let fermentation occur spontaneously or naturally to create unique flavours in our beverages. This is inspired by our love for lambic.
      • We are constantly trying new things and allow all the senses to analyse every flavour emanating from each drop to give you a unique experience every sip.
    • Do you make 'normal' beer?
      • We do! Year round we have a range of more conventional offerings available at our tap room.
    • Are your beers vegan friendly or gluten free?
      • All of our beers are vegan friendly, except when we use honey on the odd occasion. This will be listed on the bottle somewhere. We don't use any animal products to fine or clarify our beers and the sugar we use for re-fermentation has not been bleached.
      • Most of our saisons come under the gluten reduced category, but unfortunately we do not have a gluten free beer at this time.
    • Why is there sediment stuck to the side of your bottles?
      • We horizontally condition our beers prior to release. During this time, yeast settles on the side of the bottle. We recommend giving your bottle a vigorous twist to rouse up the sediment and then storing in the fridge upright for a day or two prior to enjoying. 


    • Should I order online or in person?
      • We encourage you to order items online for pick-up as this will ensure a quicker process. You can make purchases for takeaway at the venue, and we also cater for delivery!
    • Is there a minimum we can order for free shipping?
      •  Yes! To get free shipping you must spend a minimum of $100AUD on anything including bottles, cans and merchandise. 
    • Can someone else collect my order?
      • Yes! You can nominate someone in your order notes to collect your order. You must ensure they are over 18 with valid ID matching the details provided. Please have your proxy bring their ID, and a copy of your invoice. 
    • Can I cancel my order?
      • You can only cancel your order for a full refund if you have contacted us before the order has been shipped. 


    • Where do you ship?
      • We ship our products anywhere in Australia. Contact us if you're outside Australia.
    • When will my order ship?
      • If you order before 11am Monday-Friday, we aim to have your order packaged and ready to be shipped via Australia Post. All shipping includes a tracking number so you can see how it is travelling to your door. We aim to have it delivered within the standard delivery times of Australia Post subject to external delays (eg. flood).
      • If you have chosen the free Adelaide Metro delivery for your order, we will deliver your order on the Friday for Southern suburbs and the Saturday for Northern suburbs.
    • Does someone need to be home?
      • Yes! As per the liquor licencing laws, a person of 18 years or over with valid ID must be home to receive the order if it includes alcohol.


    • Where is Lone Gum Farmhouse based?
      • LGF is based in South Australia and is locally owned and operated. We use only the best local ingredients where they are available to give you unique local flavours, and endeavour to support other local businesses in the state. 
    • Can I visit LGF?
      • We are working on a tasting bar as part of our brewing facility in South Australia, and will be offering guest participation as well as general visiting experiences. Come by and try our regulars, beer of the month or one off small batches!
      • Planning a visit? Make sure we’re on that list! We only take reservations for groups of 6+. Otherwise it is first in first served! But with over 250sqm of seating there is plenty of space for everyone! Whether you like a sit down on the stools while you watch the sports in front of our widescreen TV,  socialising in our upstairs bar, or having a private chat in our booths, there’s a setting for everyone. 
    • Is parking available?
      • Absolutely! LGF is located in Lonsdale where there is plenty of parking and no time-limits! So come, try some of our drops, sample the spread and enjoy! 
    • Kids, dogs, furry friends?
      • LGF is a family friendly venue and we want to make your visit a great experience for everyone. To adhere to work, health and safety, we ask that you ensure children are in your care throughout the visit. Unfortunately we cannot have dogs, cats or any other pet on the premises as per regulations - so just people only.  

    Promotions, Marketing and Design

    • How can we keep in touch with what you’re up to?
      • You can sign up to our newsletter to receive via email, follow us on Facebook, and keep up to date with our Instagram. Here is where we will be making announcements, launching promotions, and showing you what we are getting up to through the weeks (hint: brewing).
    • Who is involved in your promotions, marketing and designs?
      • Our team is made up of men and women with various experiences, skills and backgrounds from marketing, photography and design, to building, brewing and a general passion for what this company is and where it’s going. We’re really excited, we hope you are too!
    • Who does your photography?
      • Sarah is our photographer and takes most of our photos for promotions and labels.

    Anything else?

    • If you have any other questions feel free to call or flick us you query through our contact us page. We will endeavour to get back to you within 5 working days. 
    • To view our company values page, click here


      We hope to see you soon!