At LGF, integrity is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are, especially in the pride we have for our product. We work hard to ensure that no product will hit the taps before it is 100% right. 


In the LGF family, we all strive for a shared goal and passion. Every staff member is hired not only for their skills but also their commitment to our values as a company and our story, but for our mission to bring you the unique flavours of local South Australian ingredients.


We ensure a safe environment for both patrons and staff alike. At LGF we take pride in the care and effort we put into all of our work.

Equal Opportunity

LGF adheres to the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and is dedicated to creating a safe working environment free from harassment and discrimination for both our team members and customers. We have a dedicated HR department focused on ensuring every member feels supported in the workplace and have a great system in place to recognise high achievement and encourage continuous learning and up-skilling opportunities. We invest in our employees because having a positive and enthusiastic workforce means you too will have a great experience in our venues and in every drop you taste.  

In the event of any report made regarding harassment or discrimination from a team member or a guest, our HR team has a set system in place to investigate every complaint with unbiased integrity. In the event that an issue has been reported regarding a guest toward a staff member, this will also be dealt with professionally in line with relevant legislation.

At LGF we take pride in our business and have made a commitment to staff and patrons to provide a safe environment for everyone.